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Air Filter (Pro2 Series Only)

$ 59.99
Air Filter (Pro2 Series Only)

Air Filter (Pro2 Series Only)

$ 59.99

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Product description:

The FFF 3D printer heats the filament at a high temperature, extruding the filament through the nozzle, and then deposits the filament into thin layers to form a model. When some filaments are heated by the high temperature, the filaments begin to melt and release fine particulate pollutants and volatile organic compounds into the air. Pro2 Air filter can effectively filter fine particles and harmful organic volatiles with pungent odors generated during the working process of the 3D printer.



1×air filter

1×model cooling fan

The fan and filter of the Pro2 Air filter need to be purchased together.

It is only used on Raise3D Pro2 series (Pro2/Pro2 Plus) printers.


Product specifications:

Fan size: 90mm x 90mm

Filter size: 105mm x105mm x 47mm

Packaging Size (WxDxH): 300x250x60mm

Weight with Packaging: 221g


Product features:

  • Three-stage filtration system: The Pro2 Air filter has a three-stage filtration system, which can absorb the particles and harmful volatiles produced during the printing process. The pre-filter can capture large particles generated during the printing process, such as filament debris; the carbon filter can capture a large number of odors and smoke that can affect health; the HEPA filter is designed according to specific standards to remove ultra-fine particles in the air.
  • Easy to install and easy to replace: The Pro2 Air filter can be easily installed and replaced. You can easily replace the filter by removing the screw on the fan.
  • Sophisticated design: The nylon grille protects the Pro2 Air filter from scratches.


Maintenance tips:

  • When the filter screen of the Pro2 Air filter turns black, it reminds you that the efficiency of the filter is reduced, and pollutants will remain in the air. The service life of the filter is 3 to 6 months depending on your printing time and the printing filaments used. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the filter every 6 months.
  • For how to replace Pro2 Air Filter, please consult How to Change the Air Filter.


Safety warning:

  • You’d better use the Raise3D printer in a well-ventilated open space. This prevents the smoke and particles released during the printing process from being concentrated in the printer.
  • When you replace the Pro2 Air filter, please turn the printer off.
  • Different filaments have different characteristics, and also produce different kinds of particulates and exhaust air. For example, ABS is derived from petrochemical products, so it emits some harmful fumes when heated. In contrast, PLA is a biopolymer made from processed plant fibers, thus producing less smoke. It is recommended to choose suitable filaments according to your needs. We recommend that you can use Raise3D Premium official filaments, which have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.