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Raise3D Hyper Core ABS CF15 Filament 2.5 kg

$ 249.00
Raise3D Hyper Core ABS CF15 Filament 2.5 kg

Raise3D Hyper Core ABS CF15 Filament 2.5 kg

$ 249.00

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Raise3D Hyper Core ABS CF15 Filament 2.5 kg


Raise3D Hyper Core ABS CF15 Filament 2.5 kg: Black (Black 6 C/ RAL 7024)

Specifications: 1.75 mm/ 2.5 kg


Raise3D’s Hyper Core ABS CF15 filament is specially developed utilizing special extrusion technology to form a fiber-rich inner core where most of the carbon fibers are well-aligned and distributed. During high-speed FFF printing, the outstanding heat conductivity of carbon-fiber core accelerates filament melting in the hot end. Moreover, the residual thermal energy of the fiber-rich inner core promotes the interlayer bonding of ABS across the adjacent lines to form a smooth and strong part. The Hyper Core ABS CF15 filament is designed for a fast-melting rate as well as balancing print quality, performance and cost.

Hyper Core ABS CF15 inherits excellent impact toughness, good chemical resistance and low moisture absorption of terpolymer ABS matrix. Moreover, special fiber distribution improves the Z-direction strength and stiffness, in addition to the prolonging the life of the nozzle. It is an ideal choice for volume production of industrial-grade applications where high performance, stability and efficiency are required.


2.5 kg filament allows for uninterrupted batch printing and continuous printing for large models. It is provided inside a sealed dry storage bag, and the filament outlet and shaft ensure the printer smoothly loads the filament while also keeping the filament dry.

Users can install the 2.5 kg filament directly inside the Raise3D RMF500 filaments cartridges. For instructions on how to unpack and load this filament, please refer to the How to Unpack the 2.5 kg Filament Bag Manual.

Benefits of 2.5 kg Filament:

  • Uninterrupted long-term batch printing
  • Continuous printing for large models
  • Simplified operation with less filament change
  • Filament bag keeps the filament dry




1 kg Filament: Raise3D RMF500

2.5 kg Filament: Raise3D RMF500

Filament: Raise3D Industrial PET Support


*Please use the latest ideaMaker Version for Hyper Core ABS CF15 filament.


Raise3D Hyper Core ABS CF15 Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Compliance

How to Import Slicing Profile to ideaMaker

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