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Raise3D Industrial PET GF Filament

$ 69.99
Raise3D Industrial PET GF Filament

Raise3D Industrial PET GF Filament

$ 69.99

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Raise3D Industrial PET GF Filament

Red: (PMS: 3546 C / RAL: 3024)
Gray: (PMS: 429 C / RAL: 7040)
Orange: (PMS: 151 C / RAL: 2007)
Black: (PMS: 446 C / RAL: 9017)

Specifications: 1.75 mm/ 1 kg

Raise3D Industrial PET GF is a glass fiber-reinforced composite filament based on PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). Well-dispersed glass fibers enhance the rigidity, strength, heat, and chemical resistance of PET matrix. After annealing, PET GF stabilizes its heat resistance at around 120 ℃, with tensile modulus and strength of over 4.1 GPa and 70 MPa respectively. Compared to glass fiber-reinforced Nylon filament, the high printability, dimensional stability, high creep resistance, and low moisture absorption makes PET GF an ideal choice for reliable glass fiber composite printing for strong and cost-effective end-use applications, such as jigs & fixture and functional parts. In addition, PET GF provides multiple color choices.

This filament is compatible with Raise3D Industrial PET Support Filament.

Please find the slicing profiles of Raise3D Industrial PET GF Filament below:

E2CF: Speed - Standard - High Quality

Pro3 Series/ Pro2 Series/ E2/ N Series: N/A

*Due to the higher carbon fiber content of PET filaments, when printing PET GF, an extra wear-resistant nozzle and extrusion system are required for a consistent printing performance. The E2CF and the RMF500 are specially designed for printing high-performance fiber-reinforced composite filaments. As such, it is recommended to use the Raise3D Industrial PET GF filament exclusively on the E2CF and the RMF500.

Technical Data Sheet

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